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Interested Parties Instructions

Please see the link at the bottom (Interested Parties Instructions) regarding NCDOT Bidding EFFECTIVE JUNE 1, 2022. This new process is required to BID Central and Division projects. You have to be on the interested parties list to bid. In order to bid you must sign up before the day of bidding to be on the interested parties list. You can be on the list and not bid but you must be on it to bid.

The purchase of plans or proposals will no longer be required to bid on NCDOT Central Let projects, and will be replaced by the new requirement to sign up for the Interested Parties List. Plans will continue to be available for purchase, however anyone who purchases plans shall still sign up for the Interested Parties List to be eligible to bid.

This new process is due to NCDOT transitioning from one software system to another. Please click on the link provided and review all the material as it should answer any questions may you have regarding bidding and the process.  Interested Parties Instructions

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